A Day Amongst Martyrs
Band Bio

A day amongst martyrs is an original band based out of Long island New York. Established by guitarist and frontman Adam Ortiz in 2005 and since been delivering powerful and emotionally driven songs. Orchestrated and fueled by life and its trials and tribulations A Day Amongst Martyrs  on focuses on telling your story. " We are all martyrs to our own convictions". Whether a martyr of  heartache, pain or passion listeners will feel connected and acknowledged.


 Since 2005 a day amongst martyrs has over gone many evolutions. It wasn't until spring of 2018 did the music take on a whole different level. Bassist and mentor Charles Wagner joined the group, adding depth and raw power to the music. Along with his deep passion for the arts and delivering 110% to the audience Charles Wagner is a force to be reckoned with. It was soon after in the winter time did the band take off with the joining of drummer Javier Aviles. With his technical chops and percussion savagery this powerhouse has completed all that was lacking and elevated A day amongst martyrs to upper echelon status and will continue to grow for years to come


 "We sincerely want to thank all the amazing people around. You are the reason why we do what we do by inspiring us with your life. Thank you for being the light of all lights. Please enjoy your music and thank you for spending A Day Amongst Martyrs!"



      Charlie, Javi and Adam

A Day Amongst Martyrs 2018