A Day Amongst Martyrs
About Adam

Music has always been a driving force for Adam. Being a son of a musician melodies have always been apart of his blood. At the age of 16 Adam received his first guitar from his father. Even tho he had no former instruction Adam learned how to self teach himself how to play by imitating his childhood idols ( Lenny Kravitz, Chris Cornell and Gavin Rosdale)


Not long after discovering his sound as well as his voice Adam bean writing his first songs. It wasn't long before Adam was well known through out  the Longwood district by performing at all the districts talent shows. At this point Adam wanted more and to experience a real performance.


It was then Adam realized that in order to reach the level he dreams of he can not do it alone. and by doing so gave birth to the concept of A Day Amongst Martyrs. As he likes to say "The rest is History!!!"

Influences Equipment

Growing up in a musically versed family, Adam's range of music is broad and wide from Motown to R&B, and Salsa to Rock metal and Blue Grass. among his favorite bands like Soundgarden, Bush, Lenny Kravitz, the list goes on. But one band stands out among the rest and that is Coheed and Cambria. It is Adam's hope that one day he may share a Bill with them.


Guitars Mark II - Stratocaster (Speedy) Slammer - Explorer (Yvonne) Slammer - Les Paul (Felix) Minarik - Medusa (Clara) Epiphone - Slasher (Manny) Fender - 69' Jazzmaster (Franny Fanny Bubkis) Ibanez - Gio Acoustic (Sweet Thang) Amp Crate Cabinets (2 of them) Crate 110 watt Head Pedal Board Fender Mustang Floor Rat overdrive.
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