A Day Amongst Martyrs
About Charles

Starting his life long passion in preforming music in only 4th grade on trumpet, his passion has only intensified as the years rolled on. On trumpet he has preformed professionally doing musicals such as peter pan for many theaters and play houses. At age 14 he got his first guitar - a  Bronze series B.C. Rich Warlock, a love he still uses to this day.


After high school he originally started going to school for music tho his degree was later changed to electronic engineering. His love for music never silenced, and got a job designing audio circuit boards.


After many years he began missing the brotherhood, and rush of preforming in a band and started seeking out others to start something new and exiting. This is when he met Singer/Guitarist Adam Ortiz (Sometimes you have to love craigslist). The personality's meshed nicely, and both had a vision in mind. From there on the rest was history.

Influences Equipment

Charles has a very broad range of musical tastes that in every definition are "all over the place". His playing styles are heavily influenced however by Les Claypool from Primus. From Country music, to metal and pop/punk he loves it all! Some of the favorites are as follows:


Primus, Atreyu, Sick Puppies, All That Remains, Metallica, Toby Kieth, Billy Currington, Blink 182, The Four Seasons, Faun, Enya, John Butler Trio, Barenaked Ladies, Rodney Atkins

Basses Ibanez Soundgear 5-String (Modified) Fender Fretless Jazz (MIM) Schecter Limited Edition Diamond Series 4-String Ibanez Acoustic 4 String AEB5E Dean Edge 4-String Amp Hartke 410XL Cabinets (2 of them) Fender BXR 300R Head Pedal Board SKB Powered Pedal Board Line6 Relay G30 Wireless System KLIQ Tinytune Electro-Harmonix Bass Preacher Electro-Harmonix Bass Soul Food Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone Xvive Singing Auto-Wah Rowin Looper
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