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About Javier

My Name is Javier Aviles, I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I am 1 of 7 Children. So it is a big family. I was raised by 2 young parents who separated at a young age. As a young kid I can always remember music being a big part of my life!, Especially how It made me feel. My mother was a big influence when it came to music, She was very diverse, Especially with English not being her first laugh, But I can remember all the bands and artist she use to play like, The Beatles, BeeGee’s, The Doors, Elvis, Queen, etc. And by doing so she was able to learn the English language. That was my first realization of just how powerful music really is. My journey into becoming a drummer, Was not discovered till I saw a famous drummer you all may know by the name of (Dave Grohl) from little band called Nirvana. First time I ever saw this band was live on the MTV studio, In 1992 live on TV. Just seeing the rawness and passion and aggression behind his playing, Captivated me. I knew right then, I just wanted to perform and right music for the rest of my life. I am one of those drummers you can say is a “EAR” drummer, as I was never thought to read music, I learned my craft by “trial and error” you can say. Testing different things out, Air drumming to my favorite songs. Studying live footage of drummers I admired. At that time the Internet nor YouTube was a big thing. During the early times only way to get information was by trading cassette tapes & CD’s. But I’m determined to learn more.


As a feel more in love with drums , I wanted to learn more of the different styles from many of the greats like Bobby Rich and even more of the modern drummers like Joey Jordison, At this point I knew I needed to get myself a real drum set.

It wasn’t till I was almost 17 That I got my very first drum set, That my father paid for in advance, which I had to work all summer to pay back, In order to finally enjoy it. (Keep mind while your reading this, prior to that happening, I thought myself how to play by creating my own drum set out of pots & pans and furniture around the house lol). Now having my very first kit, it wasn’t a brand new kit. I had purchased this kit from a friend I was playing in a band with at the time who wanted to get rid of his old kit. It was a Tama Rockstar Vintage kit. 6 Piece kit. And I was beyond thrilled. I loved the kit so much I actually never bought another one. I just touched it with some new equipment, New heads. But moving forward, I went through many different bands through the time of 2003- 2017, Figuring out what style of music I truly enjoyed playing as well as finding out what type of musician I really am. I was able to be apart of some great shows and bands. From pop - death metal. Along with that experienced I was also able to open and film great covers on my own YouTube Page. BUT! It wasn’t till about 2017 when I received a message from Adam from (A Day Amongst Martys). That I was able to get back into a band. Instantly we were a fit!.


No Signs of slowing down!! Stay tuned for so many more things to come. And for any young aspiring drummers. Never give up on your dreams and hope. Always have faith it will lead you in the right direction!. I will leave with this final saying from a great 90’s movie.


“If you wake every morning and you can’t think of nothing but drumming, Then your meant to be drummer”.


Drum Kit Tama Rockstar // CB DRUMS 22x20 - Bass Drum 12x10 - Rack Tom 12x14 - Maple Vintage Snare Drum 14x16 - Floor Tom 16x18 - Floor Tom 10x12 -Piccolo Snare drum Cymbals Zildjian 22" A Custom Ping Ride Zildjian 20" A Custom Crash Ride Zildjian 19" A Custom Dark Crash Zildjian 10" A Custom Splash Zildjian 8" Bell Zildjian 16" A Custom Crash Ride Zildjian 18" A Custom China Zildjian 14" A Custom Hi-Hats
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